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ES&M incorporates both MIG & TIG welding processes into our production welding facility.  We have 25  Miller MIG and 10 TIG welders at our facility along with several skilled, certified Welders to utilize them.  ES&M offers brazing and silver soldering services as well.
ES&M also has a PC-102 Robotic Welding Cell for complex redundant welding in high production quantities.  Our Panasonic VR-005C-II  Welding Robot works well for repetitive welding operations on similar pieces that involve welds in more than one axis or where access to the piece is difficult.  The most prominent advantages of automated welding are precision and productivity.  Robot welding also improves weld repeatability.  Automating the torch motions decreases the error potential whcih means decreased scrap and rework.  With Robotic welding you get an increased output at a lower cost.
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