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Industries Served

The breadth of expertise and range of capabilities offered at Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing make us suitable for nearly any manufacturing challenge that involves metal stamping, tool & die, metal extrusion or CNC machining. We have featured here the industries we serve most regularly.


OEM Stamping

As a stamping company that serves Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in rail, automotive, aerospace, and similar industries, Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing specializes in precision metal stamping and related services. We play a crucial role in the production of various components and parts required by OEM stamping.


Industrial Stamping

Metal stamping is a fundamental manufacturing process used in industrial applications of all kinds. Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing is a leader in industrial stamping in Upstate New York, providing highly precise parts to customers in multiple industries.


Commercial Stamping

Commercial stamping refers to the many processes that can be used to stamp a mark into the surface of a metal part, usually for identification, proof of compliance, or for branding purposes. From its state-of-the-art facilities in Upstate New York, Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing offers a range of commercial stamping services.


Transportation Components

From aerospace to automotive, maritime and rail, and public transit, manufacturing for transportation relies heavily on stamped metal parts. With our Emmegis 5-axis machining centers, we offer extruded metal parts for rail car interiors. Offering durability, precision, and economy, stamped metal parts are prevalent in vessels and vehicles, as well as in the infrastructure required to keep them rolling, floating or flying dependably from place to place.


Aerospace Components

With expertise in metal stamping, tool and die, multi-axis CNC machining, and metal extrusion, Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing is a leading provider of precision metal components for the aerospace industry. We deliver high-quality solutions that meet the stringent requirements of aerospace applications. Throughout any modern plane or spacecraft are many parts that ES&M can supply.


Medical Stamping

A metal stamping, extrusion, and CNC manufacturing company, Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing serves the medical industry by producing a wide variety of precise and specialized components for medical devices, equipment, and healthcare infrastructure.


Aftermarket Components

Elmira Stamping and Manufacturing is a trusted provider of aftermarket parts for a variety of industries. With our expertise in precision metal stamping and manufacturing, we deliver high-quality aftermarket components that meet or exceed OEM standards.