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Aerospace Components

With expertise in metal stamping, tool and die, multi-axis CNC machining, and metal extrusion, Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing is a leading provider of precision metal components for the aerospace industry. We deliver high-quality solutions that meet the stringent requirements of aerospace applications.

Throughout any modern plane or spacecraft are many parts that ES&M can supply, such as:

Sheet Metal Components

These can include various structural parts like brackets, clips, and flanges that are often used in the assembly and support of aerospace components.


Precision-engineered fasteners, such as screws, nuts, bolts, and rivets–essential for assembling aerospace structures.

Heat Shields

Through metal stamping and extruding, ES&M may produce heat shields and thermal protection components for spacecraft and engines to withstand extreme temperatures during reentry or propulsion.

Connectors and Electrical Components

Aerospace applications require specialized electrical components like terminals, busbars, and connectors for wiring harnesses and avionics systems.

Mounting Hardware

This includes components like brackets and mounts used to secure various systems and instruments within an aircraft or spacecraft.

Washers and Spacers

Precision-made washers and spacers are critical for maintaining proper clearances and tolerances in aerospace systems.

Clamps and Hangers

These are used to secure pipes, hoses, and cables in aerospace systems, ensuring they remain in place under extreme maneuvers.

Aircraft Interior Components

Metal stamping and extruding can be used to produce interior components, such as seat components, tray tables, and other cabin fixtures.

Extruded Profiles

Extruded metal profiles are used in various structural applications, including fuselage sections and frame components.

Landing Gear Components

Parts like landing gear brackets and struts are crucial for the safe operation of an aircraft.

Airfoil Components

For aerospace applications, ES&M may manufacture airfoil components, such as wing ribs and leading edges.

Engine Components

Precision-made parts like turbine blades, compressor vanes, and combustion chamber components are essential for jet engines and rocket propulsion systems.

Fuel System Components

This includes components for fuel lines, tanks, and other parts of the aircraft’s fuel system.

Aircraft Structure Components

Larger structural components like frame sections, wing spars, and bulkheads are also within the realm of metal stamping and extrusion for aerospace at ES&M.

Satellite Components

For the space sector, ES&M can produce various satellite components, including antenna dishes, solar panel frames, and satellite bus structures.

Avionics Enclosures

Precision-stamped enclosures and housings for avionics equipment ensure the protection and functionality of sensitive electronic components.

Aircraft Exterior Panels

Exterior panels for aircraft or spacecraft, such as fuselage skins and wing panels, may be manufactured using metal stamping or extrusion at ES&M.

With extremely tight tolerances, high-strength materials, and strict quality control measures, space and avionics manufacturing has to meet the safety and performance standards of the aerospace industry. Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing adheres to rigorous quality assurance and certification processes to ensure the reliability and durability of our products.