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Quality Control

“Do It Right the First Time”

Doing it right means doing it right the first time at Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing. In every interaction and every job, ES&M professionals practice quality control of the highest level, using state-of-the-art inspection equipment.

Quality Control

Total Quality Control

An ISO 9001:2015–certified shop, Elmira guarantees industry standards are met. To that end, our equipment is calibrated and tested on a regular and ongoing basis. This allows ES&M to produce accurate parts that meet and/or exceed our clients’ most stringent needs for precision.

Qualified ES&M technicians inspect each product using a range of quality control procedures, instruments, and technologies at multiple points throughout the manufacturing process. This way, parts are consistently produced correctly and efficiently…the first time.

In-process gages, such as “go/no-go” or attribute gages, are used to inspect parts at key points in production in order to catch errors as they occur, minimizing scrap and rework. This saves ES&M customers considerable money by dramatically reducing production errors and improving delivery times. .

ES&M’s Quality Assurance covers all activities from development to production and documentation. It includes the quality regulation of raw materials, assemblies, products, components, services related to production, management, and inspection processes.

View or download our ISO certification