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Tool & Die Manufacturing

Tool and die manufacturing is an area of specialization that focuses on the design, fabrication, and maintenance of tools and dies used in various industrial processes. Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing supplements our own in-house tool room with local partner tool and die companies to better fulfill the manufacturing needs of our customers. Through our tool and die partners, we are able to offer comprehensive tool maintenance, die repairs, and new die builds to support our in-house production capabilities. Elmira can provide a range of tool and die support to many industrial sectors, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, appliances, and more.

Tool and Die Manufacturing

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There is no Stamping without Tool & Die. While “tool” can refer to any implement used to shape a piece into a part, a “die” refers specifically to a machined tool that acts as a mold for shaping parts out of sheet metal.

The die process begins with design. Tool and die engineers are able to create a positive mold in the form of the part required. Elmira works with the most capable engineers and designers to provide our stamping clients with the finest dies for their needs.

Tool and Die Manufacturing

Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing offers services for every part of the tool & die manufacturing process, including:


The implements necessary to build a part or piece from raw materials are called tools. Elmira can provide quality tools for all kinds of stamping operations.


Commonly used in processes like die casting, forging, and stamping, dies are used to shape or cut out materials into specific forms or contours. They are built to last, and to create many thousands of identical parts.

Tool and Die Design

Before a die is produced, it must be designed. Elmira works with the region’s most accomplished tool and die engineers and designers to achieve the solution for every job. Utilizing the most advanced CAD software, each tool and die is designed with extreme precision, considering factors such as material properties, tolerances, and build process.

Tool and Die Making

With the design in hand from the engineering team, our contracted toolmakers and machinists take over. Utilizing varied techniques ranging from CNC machining, milling, grinding, and EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), our tooling partners turn out the tools and dies to the exacting specifications of the design.

Maintenance and Repair

Tough as they are, all tools and dies eventually show signs of wear and tear. Each tool wears differently, depending on its age, material type, usage, and even environmental conditions. Based on these and other variables, ES&M will work closely with the customer to ensure the maximum performance and longevity for every tool.

Quality Control

Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing stands by the quality of our products. We are an ISO 9001:2015 shop, so you know our machines and related equipment are all calibrated and tested regularly. The accuracy of our output is a testament to our “Do It Right the First Time” mentality, and to the importance of ongoing quality assurance at every step of the manufacturing process.

Partner With Us

Regardless of the manufacturing sector, mass-produced products are at the heart of industrialized economies. From the minuscule to the gargantuan, every machined product has the potential to fail. The consequences of mechanical failure can range from merely inconvenient to truly cataclysmic. By partnering with the area’s most accomplished tool and die experts, Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing can help you avoid costly failures and “Do It Right the First Time,” every time.