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Industrial Stamping

Metal stamping is a fundamental manufacturing process used in industrial applications of all kinds. Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing is a leader in industrial stamping in Upstate New York, providing highly precise parts to customers in multiple industries.

In industrial stamping, a die is made in the form the finished product will take. Then, a flat sheet of metal is stamped over the die and instantly transformed into the necessary shape for the part needed. While the creation of the original die can be costly, the subsequent stamping of parts is both expeditious and economical. For high-volume manufacturing of identical parts, metal stamping can be the ideal solution.

Industrial Stamping

Precision, Speed, Economy

It can’t be said of many manufacturing solutions that they deliver top quality, quick turnaround, and low pricing. But with our metal stamping expertise, ES&M can deliver just that. We work with the most accomplished local tool and die makers to deliver the custom die for the parts you need. Then, we take that die and begin stamping parts as quickly as you need them. As for the initial price of the die, the cost per part gets closer to zero with every stamp.

Industrial Stamping

Benefits for Industry

As a cost-effective and efficient means of producing high-quality, precision metal parts in large quantities, ES&M’s metal stamping services can benefit a wide variety of industries.

Industrial Stamping

Automotive Industry

ES&M can produce components like brackets, chassis parts, engine parts, connectors, and various other automotive components.

Aerospace Industry

For aerospace, ES&M can contribute production of aircraft components, such as brackets, panels, structural elements, and fasteners.

Railway Industry

The railway sector relies on ES&M for parts like railcar components, electrical connectors, structural elements, and components for signaling systems.

Electronics Industry

Small precision components for electronic devices, including connectors, lead frames, and shielding are among the parts ES&M can make for the electronics industry.

Medical Device Industry

Manufacturers of medical devices require precision metal components like surgical instruments, implantable devices, and diagnostic equipment parts. Stamping parts like these is what ES&M does best.

Appliance Industry

ES&M can create components for household appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators, and ovens.


Telecommunications equipment, including switches, connectors, and antenna components, often involve metal stamping.

Defense and Military

Components, like ammunition casings, vehicle parts, and communications equipment, are among those that ES&M can produce for defense and military applications


We can produce stamped parts for construction equipment, HVAC systems, and building components.

Power Generation

Metal stamping is used in the production of components for power generation equipment, such as wind turbines, solar panels, and electrical transmission systems.

Consumer Goods

Manufacturers of consumer goods, such as lighting fixtures, locks, and furniture, utilize metal stamping for various components that ES&M can produce.

Renewable Energy

ES&M can create renewable energy system components, such as solar racking systems and wind turbine components.

Industrial Equipment

A wide range of industrial machinery and equipment, including pumps, conveyors, and packaging machinery, can be made using metal stamping.


Beyond automotive and rail, ES&M can use metal stamping to manufacture components for various transportation modes, including marine and aviation.

Oil and Gas Industry

ES&M can provide metal stamped components for use in valves, pipelines, and drilling equipment for the oil and gas extraction industry.

Food Processing Industry

Components used in food processing machinery and packaging rely on metal stamping services like those provided by ES&M.

Put Our Expertise to Work for You

Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing brings over 50 years of experience together with advanced stamping capabilities to produce quality components used across vital industries. We are passionate about quality and dedicated to customer satisfaction. To learn more, contact us today!