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Transportation Components

From aerospace to automotive, maritime and rail, manufacturing for transportation relies heavily on stamped metal parts. Offering durability, precision, and economy, stamped metal parts are prevalent in vessels and vehicles, as well as in the infrastructure required to keep them rolling, floating or flying from place to place.

Transportation Components


Requiring high-precision, tight-tolerance machining of premium metals, including difficult-to-machine alloys like inconel and titanium, aerospace work is not for the faint of heart. ES&M has the capacity to make many parts and components for aerospace, including:

Transportation Components

Aircraft Interior Components

Stamped metal parts are used in the construction of aircraft interiors, including seat frames, tray tables, overhead bins, and lavatory fixtures.

Airframe Components

Aerospace manufacturers use stamped metal parts for various airframe components, such as wing attachments, brackets, and structural supports.

Fasteners and Connectors

Stamped metal fasteners, connectors, and clamps are crucial for assembling and securing various aircraft components.

Ducting and Ventilation

Stamped metal parts are used in the fabrication of ducts and ventilation systems within aircraft to control airflow and temperature.

Rail Transportation

ES&M can produce a wide range of components and parts necessary for the construction, maintenance, and operation of rail systems. These parts are critical for ensuring the safety, efficiency, and reliability of rail infrastructure.

Transportation Components

Railcar Components

Stamped metal parts are used in railcar construction, including couplers, brackets, and suspension components.

Train Interiors

This includes manufacturing components for the train interior, such as flooring, wall panels, and ceiling panels.

Interior Furnishing

For passenger railcars, companies may manufacture interior components, such as seat frames, luggage racks, and partition walls.

Track Components

Stamped metal parts are used for railway track components, such as rail joints, tie plates, and spikes.


The technical precision and high-finish quality required by the marine industry make the work a good fit for ES&M. Our workshop and technicians are experts at the techniques required to provide yacht builders and marina owners with the parts they need for safety and success in maritime operations.


In the maritime industry, stamped metal parts find applications in ship construction, including hull components, bulkhead brackets, and support structures.

Deck Hardware

Stamped metal parts are used for deck hardware like cleats, hinges, and latches on ships and boats.

Public Transit

Though many of the techniques are common to other sectors of the transportation industry, the priorities align differently for public transportation. Cost sensitivity is paramount, as are repeatability and public safety. ES&M has the experience to deliver parts for public transit on time and on budget.

Transportation Components

Bus and Train Components

Stamped metal parts are used in the manufacture of buses and trains for various components, such as doors, seating, and structural elements.

Ticket Machines

Stamped metal parts are often used in ticket machines and fare collection systems in public transit.

Station Fixtures

Stamped metal parts can be found in various fixtures and amenities at public transit stations, including signage, benches, and shelters.

Bicycle Racks

Stamped metal components are used in bicycle racks mounted on buses and trains for passenger convenience.

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At ES&M, we’re committed to excellence in the manufacturing of stamped metal parts for the transportation sector. Whether you’re in the aerospace, rail, maritime, or public transit industry, our expertise and precision engineering are at your service. We understand the critical nature of each component and the necessity for high-quality, durable parts. If you’re interested in learning more about our capabilities or have specific requirements for your project, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our team is ready to provide you with the solutions you need to keep your vehicles and systems running smoothly and efficiently. Contact us today to discuss how we can help drive your project forward.