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OEM Stamping

As a stamping company that serves Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in rail, automotive, aerospace, and similar industries, Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing specializes in precision metal stamping and related services. We play a crucial role in the production of various components and parts required by OEM stamping.

OEM Stamping

Throughout any modern plane or spacecraft are many parts that ES&M can supply, such as:

Metal Stamped Parts

We produce a wide range of metal parts and components through stamping processes. These can include brackets, clips, connectors, terminals, housings, and other intricate shapes and sizes made from various metals like steel, aluminum, and alloys.

Custom Tooling and Dies

Through our partnership with accomplished local Tool & Die specialist firms, ES&M can offer custom-designed tooling and dies for the creation of specific shapes and configurations as required by OEMs. These tooling solutions are crucial for high-volume and precision production.

Value-Added Services

ES&M offers a wide range of additional services, such as assembly, welding, machining, plating, and powder coating, to deliver finished components or subassemblies to our OEM customers.

Quality Control and Testing

To meet industry standards and ensure product quality, ES&M has rigorous quality control processes in place, including dimensional inspections, material testing, and other quality assurance measures.

High-Volume Production

As a high-volume stamping company, ES&M is equipped to handle the heavy production runs needed by OEMs with significant manufacturing needs.


Stamping is often the most cost-effective means of producing high-precision parts in large quantities, helping OEMs to maintain competitive pricing.

Custom Solutions

We can work closely with OEMs to understand their unique requirements and can develop custom solutions to meet specific production challenges or design constraints.

Across a wide range of industries, Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing can offer expertise, versatility, and efficiency to OEMs looking for economical, dependable ways to help them meet the demands of their markets.