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Assembly and Kitting

Elmira Stamping & Manufacturing provides a range of kitting and assembly processes to meet the needs of our customers. These processes vary depending on the specific requirements of the project. 

Assembly and Kitting

Here are some common kitting and assembly processes that ES&M can offer, either in-house, or through our capable local partner firms:

Part Sorting and Inspection

This involves sorting and inspecting stamped metal parts to ensure they meet quality standards. Defective parts are removed from the batch.


Kitting involves assembling a set of related parts or components into a single kit or package. This can simplify assembly processes for the customer.


ES&M offers sub-assembly services, where we assemble groups of parts that will later be incorporated into larger assemblies by the customer.

PEM® Inserts

These high-performing fasteners by PennEngineering employ self-clinching technology for permanent attachment to thin sheet metal.


Welding is used to permanently join metal components together. We offer welding services as part of our assembly process.

Fastener Installation

This involves attaching screws, nuts, bolts, or other fasteners to metal components as needed for the final assembly.

Press-Fit Assembly

Press-fit assembly involves fitting two parts together with a tight interference fit, often without the need for adhesives or fasteners.

Adhesive Bonding

Some assemblies require the use of adhesives to bond metal components together. ES&M has the equipment and expertise for this process.

Finishing and Coating

After assembly, parts may require finishing processes, such as deburring, polishing, or coating to enhance their appearance and performance.


Once the assembly is complete, we can provide packaging services, including custom packaging design, labeling, and bulk packaging.

Quality Control and Testing

Throughout the kitting and assembly processes, quality control and testing procedures are typically implemented to ensure that the finished products meet specifications and standards.

Custom Solutions

ES&M offers tailored kitting and assembly processes to suit the specific needs of customers requiring customized solutions for unique projects.

Logistics Support

Some companies may also offer logistics services, including inventory management and just-in-time (JIT) delivery to streamline supply chain operations.

Building Trusted Partnerships Across Diverse Industries

Whatever your assembly and kitting needs, ES&M can help you achieve them efficiently and affordably. Our network of specialists and service providers are prepared to contribute their expertise to the completion and fulfillment of every order. Contact us today to learn more!