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Aftermarket Components

Elmira Stamping and Manufacturing is a trusted provider of aftermarket parts for a variety of industries. With our expertise in precision metal stamping and manufacturing, we deliver high-quality aftermarket components that meet or exceed OEM standards.

ES&M is normally asked to manufacture these parts to replace or upgrade existing components in machinery, vehicles, equipment, or systems. 

Here are just a few examples of aftermarket parts we can manufacture for various industries:

Aftermarket Automotive Parts

  • Brake caliper brackets
  • Suspension components, including bushings, bearings and control arms
  • Exhaust system hangers and brackets
  • Engine mounts and brackets
  • Custom grilles and trim
  • Replacement fenders, hoods, and other body panels

Replacement Parts for Household Appliances

  • Oven and stove burner grates and elements
  • Refrigerator shelves and brackets
  • Dishwasher racks and spray arms
  • Washing machine agitators and drum components
  • Range hood filters and fan blades
  • In-sink garbage disposal blades

Aftermarket Electronic Components

  • Custom metal brackets and chassis for electronics enclosures
  • Connectors and mounting hardware for electronic assemblies
  • Heat sinks for cooling electronic components
  • Faceplates and bezels for control panels

Aftermarket Parts for Aerospace

  • Custom brackets and mounts for avionics upgrades
  • Aircraft engine shrouds, housings, brackets, and other components
  • Replacement aircraft interior elements like seating frames and brackets, and tray table arms.
  • Parts and components of landing gear mechanisms

Consumer Electronics Aftermarket Accessories

  • Smartphone and tablet stands, holders, and other accessories
  • Laptop cooling pads and stands
  • Internal components, such as heat sinks, brackets, etc.
  • Camera tripod mounts and brackets
  • Custom audio equipment accessories

Aftermarket Industrial Components

  • Replacement rollers, guides, and other parts for conveyor systems
  • Precision-machined gears and sprockets
  • Custom brackets and fixtures
  • Valves and piping components for industrial equipment

Medical Equipment Replacement Parts

  • Replacement components for medical devices
  • Custom mounting hardware and brackets for medical equipment
  • Instrumentation and control panel components

Rail Transportation Aftermarket Parts

  • Replacement custom railcar components like brackets and couplers
  • Seat frames, luggage racks, and other interior fittings for passenger trains
  • Railcar ceiling and flooring panels
  • Braking system components
  • Custom railcar and locomotive upgrades
  • Replacement parts, such as doors or suspension components, for light-rail vehicles
  • Custom components for furnishing train platforms and shelters

ES&M produces all aftermarket parts with the same extreme precision and unwavering attention to detail as we apply to everything we do. By meeting or exceeding OEM specs and adhering to our own quality standards, we can ensure compatibility and full functionality when replacing or upgrading OEM components. Our expertise in metal stamping, extrusion, and CNC manufacturing guarantees high-quality, custom parts that meet the specific needs of customers across a vast range of industries.