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Converting raw metal stock into complex parts for manufacturing can be technologically challenging, time-consuming, labor-intensive, and very expensive, especially in the large quantities often required by modern industry. Of all the manufacturing methods in practice, metal stamping is among the most cost effective for quickly producing complex parts in large quantities

Metal stamping is essential to the production of critical parts for a wide range of industries including aerospace, medical, and transportation. Through processing techniques such as coining, bending, embossing, piercing, and others, metal stamping manufacturers transform sheets of various metals into precise shapes. Parts made through stamping vary from very large (the metal ceiling panels on a subway car) to miniscule (the dozens of screws, nuts and bolts that hold that panel in place).

Quality, Economy, Expediency

The main reasons for choosing metal stamping over other manufacturing methods are not unexpected: Economy, quality and expediency. When executed correctly, metal stamping can accomplish all of those things and more.

The Basics of Stamping

While metal stamping is not an ideal process for all applications, it is very effective for many parts made from galvanized alloys and stainless steel, as well as brass, copper, and aluminum. Depending on the design of the product, and its intended use, manufacturing will either be designed for progressive die or deep drawn stamping.

Progressive Die Stamping

The progressive die stamping process involves a series of stations or dies, each performing a specific operation before passing the piece on to the next station. The part takes shape step by step as it moves through the highly automated process.

For high-volume production of intricate parts, there is no match for progressive die stamping. A series of die stations working continuously can turn out a considerable number of complex parts in very little time, and for a fraction of what it might cost with other production methods.

Heavily automated, progressive die stamping is highly efficient. It is used to create a large number of close-tolerance, complex parts from sheet metal in a rapid and cost-effective manner. It is commonly used in industries dependent on the high-volume production of intricate parts like brackets, clips, and end caps.

Deep Drawn

Deep drawn metal stamping is a process for creating complex, smooth-finished parts with extreme precision out of sheet metal. The deep drawn method is ideal for parts with sizable recesses.

In the deep drawn process, the metal is forced into a cavity of specific depth and dimensions. A piece can be moved successively through a series of cavities of increasing depth and decreasing dimensions, becoming narrower and longer until the desired shape is achieved.

Deep drawn metal stamping is favored for its ability to produce parts with high precision, tight tolerances, and excellent structural integrity. It is a cost-effective method for mass-producing parts with minimal waste and consistent quality.

Elmira Stamping and Manufacturing

Located in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York, Elmira Stamping and Manufacturing is one of the area’s best known stamping companies. We have been supplying local industry with the finest stamped parts since 1970.

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